Did you say prosperity gospel?

NO! This was one of the key reasons for Kingdom Life Church contacting us when they were ready to promote the event. “Prosperous” is one of those words somewhat ‘dirtied’ by association with the prosperity gospel, but is also the name of the Redding, California based ministry who were heading up the event.

Communicating Clearly

We wanted to help them clearly promote the event as being about having a ‘healthy soul’ or mindset, not about wealth. Our first step was to create appropriate branding for the event. With the association with Bethel Church and their great work in Redding, California, it would have been easy to create something that was somewhat ‘ethereal’, from a design perspective. But we created a clean, crisp identity aimed at grabbing the attention of people who would normally shun this type of event for its association with the aforementioned prosperity gospel. It hopefully lands somewhere between the look and feel of ‘health’ and ‘God takes our money seriously’ (but doesn’t necessarily want to make us all millionaires with private jets…).

21st Century Marketing Strategy

KLC also asked us to help them develop a simple marketing strategy. We helped them with printed materials for promotion, as well as helping them identify a number of digital opportunities, including social media. We also encouraged them to embrace the power of ChurchSuite for managing their bookings – having previously worked with the church to make the switch.

The Outcome – A Summary

Currently, the event is still being promoted – but their online presence is sharp, complete with easy-to-use booking from ChurchSuite. This switch has also helped them save money on management and promotion – helping them identify ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ for advertising. We look forward to hearing more about the event’s success and what God does in people’s lives through it.

Are you planning an event?

We can help you brand the event – from logos and leaflets, through to all sorts of materials from the event itself – delegate packs, presentation, posters and more and even event websites and social media presence.

If we can help you, get it touch with us – we would love to hear about your next event