Easter is still a key public holiday in the United Kingdom. And though reflection upon Christ may have been replaced by overindulgence in chocolate, there is still great power in inviting people to Christ at this time. Many people still view Good Friday and Easter Sunday as ‘one of those times’ you go to church. So let’s make the most of this opportunity to show people what God is doing.

Artwork that Stands Out

We can help create effective artwork/themes for your Easter celebrations. This can then be translated to invitations, digital presentations, website and social media items and more. Your community is used to high quality messaging and imagery – we can help you achieve this.

Welcoming Newcomers

As well as inviting them to attend a service, it’s important to get your ‘real’ welcome right. Who are you? How can they find out more about you? How do they find out more about Christ? We can help you get your first “hello” just right.

Event Consultancy

We might not be planning your event for you. But we can help you get the ‘message’ right. How do you convey a 2,000-year-old message to a generation that has an attention span of seconds? The right events, marketed well, with a personal invitation.

A Digital Revolution

We can help you get set up to stay in touch with attendees after the service. Perhaps you want to invite them to Alpha, or make sure they know about Back to Church Sunday or your Christmas events. Let’s help you communicate well.

Talk to us about your Easter plans

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